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  • Allows you to point to either dynamic or static IP address.
  • A fully functional domain to have not only unlimited subdomains but also its own Mail Exchanger and SSL.
  • Give you easy name to remember to connect to your remote devices or remote desktop.
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About the Free Domain ?

Our free domain is actually Second Level Domain (SLD). However, it is just like a fully functional domain that allows you to create a host name that point to either dynamic or static IP address. The domain is a fully functioning domain that allows you to create unlimited sub-subdomains and even to have its own Mail Exchangers and Digital SSL.

Dynamic IP Updates Made Easy
Simply run curl or wget command to update your dynamic IP for any hosts or domains under your account.
 >> curl -d,
On any machine behind the router, just schedule a job to run the above command every few minutes. Our system will automatically detect your public IP address and update your hosts to the new IP. Alternatively, you may add parameter -d ip=xx.xx.xx.xx to overwrite the IP. For multiple hosts, just seperate them by , (comma). The API Key can be generated at your account Dashboard -> Settings.
The return is JSON file with a successfull update like:
 {"code" : 0, "message" : "Success - some details about the update"}
code:0 indicates successfull updates while code:1 indicates IP address not changed. Other returning codes indicates errors.

To update the IP automatically, you may need our dynamic DNS Client:
You may manage your domain DNS remotely using our DNS API:
If you want to use your own domain name with our dynamic DNS service, check

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